Export Compliance

Your company can be particularly confronted with the consequences of export controls and sanctions when goods / services violate these restrictions. In many cases, you must have an export permit to export (especially in case of military, dual-use or sanctioned goods). If you don’t have a permit, export is prohibited. This does often not only include goods but also the export of software and technology.

The consequences of not meeting the requirements in this context are profound. A violation export restrictions is considered an economic crime with serious penalties (high fines and even imprisonment). In addition, your supply chain is at risk. Perhaps more important is the risk of reputational damage to your business. Acting without permits or with sanctioned countries is often widely reported in the media with all (commercial) consequences.

You should ensure that you meet the requirements in this context, preferably ongoing. Compliance should be part of the business rules / ethics within your organization and responsibilities must be clearly invested. For this, you must ensure that there is ongoing awareness among your people, and that the issue remains high on the agenda of senior management. The best results are obtained by having documented procedures that are accessible to everyone. In order to safeguard compliance with these procedures, regular audits should be performed. We also recommend specific training to your staff on this part.

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