AEO (Auhtorised Economic Operator)

These days a company that is active in the field of (customs) logistics cannot effectively operate without an “AEO certificate”. The current international trade calls for ‘Secure Trade Lanes’ as the safety in all segments of the supply chain is very important. The AEO-status is a condition for the use of all kinds of customs simplifications, but also offers several other advantages.
We are specialists. Above all we see the challenge to assist your company to obtain the AEO status and, more importantly, maintain. This is not easy for all companies, but we usually succeed. Over the last years we have assisted many companies in order to obtain the AEO status in projects that differed from filling the self-assessment to developing the entire administrative organization, drafting customs procedures and internal control measures.

Recently we have assisted many companies with their compliance programs in order to show that the AEO status is also monitored. For this purpose we have developed webtool called the “AEO-framework”

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